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Meet PAT...

Your Real-Time Insight Companion
Powered by OpenAI.

Real Time Knowledge by Dappier.

HeyPat - ChatGPT with real time search and total recall. Reminders too!

Fast & 


Text to AI with real time knowledge, events, news, sports scores.

In your


OR Text PAT at 1-844-2HEYPAT

Meet Your 
Brain Buddy!

Welcome to the next level of AI interaction with Pat, your go-to, happy-go-lucky pal who's always in the know. Unlike other AI tools, Pat stands out by offering something truly special: access to real-time data.


This means Pat can provide you with the latest information, trends, and insights across a wide range of topics, from breaking news and market updates to the newest culinary trends and travel advisories.

What Makes PAT So Special?

PAT gives you superhuman abilities!

Up-to-the-Minute Information: Pat provides the latest information on stock markets, weather, and sports, ensuring you have the most current data at your fingertips.

Dynamic Content Creation: Generate trend-aligned marketing materials, social posts, and articles with Pat's insights into current happenings, giving you an edge.

Instant Educational Support: Access the latest studies, research, and educational resources instantly with Pat, perfect for students and avid learners in fast-evolving fields.

Real-Time Travel and Lifestyle Planning: Get the latest travel itineraries and lifestyle advice with Pat, ensuring safe, enjoyable experiences that are up-to-date.

Interactive Learning and Skill Development: Stay current with hobbies and interests through Pat's access to the latest tutorials and trends in music, fitness, and more.


Efficient Translations: Pat offers real-time, accurate translations across multiple languages, making communication seamless and understanding global content effortless.


Personalized Health Insights: Access the latest in health trends and personalized fitness advice with Pat, ensuring your wellness journey is informed by the most current data.

Secure & Encrypted

Real Time Data

Brighter Ideas

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With Great Text,
Comes Great Responsibility


Your pocket-sized personal assistant and brain buddy, delivering fast, secure, high-quality responses in record time, offering quick access at your fingertips for time-saving, quality-driven experiences

All-In-One Toolkit

Secure Data

Total Freedom

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OR Text PAT at 1-844-2HEYPAT

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