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HeyPAT.AI acquires BuddyGPT, unlocks next-gen AI engine for real-time data insights

HeyPAT Acquires BuddyGPT, the Leading AI Bot for WhatsApp and Telegram, to Integrate Real-Time Data Insights and Smart 'Nudge' Notification Technology Across Its Expanding Customer Base.

AUSTIN, TX - Jan. 30 -, the AI sidekick known for delivering conversational insights with real-time data, proudly announces its acquisition of BuddyGPT, the top AI Bot for WhatsApp and Telegram. This acquisition positions HeyPAT to provide its expanding customer base with a more robust and useful AI experience.

The acquisition and integration of BuddyGPT into the powerful "PAT" AI agent will empower users to go beyond today's traditional use cases for GPT experiences. BuddyGPT users will benefit from this transition, as BuddyGPT integrates HeyPAT technology, including real-time Internet search, enabling PAT to search the web for answering questions.

BuddyGPT boasts over 600,000 users who will be migrating to PAT to boost their productivity, taking advantage of PAT’s real-time data access. PAT is an AI product developed by venture incubator B20Labs, which has previously led several successful ventures from startup to acquisition, pioneering in mobile tech & adtech.  

"We are thrilled to significantly broaden the capabilities for our users by transitioning Buddy into PAT through this acquisition," stated Vitor Pegas, Founder & CEO of BuddyGPT. "Integrating HeyPAT.AI's advanced tech stack will escalate our service offerings for our expanding user base. To our BuddyGPT users, we're excited to guide you in transitioning to the enhanced PAT, now with real-time data access and intelligent ‘nudge’ recommendations."

Furthermore, PAT offers free messaging with real-time data insights and is gearing up to launch premium features soon. These will include text-based image creation, access to proprietary data models, and unique generative AI functionalities.

By integrating BuddyGPT's substantial user base, PAT extends it’s userbase to WhatsApp, Telegram & SMS. Existing BuddyGPT users can now text 1-(800)-243-9728 (1 800-2HEYPAT) to reach PAT wherever they text.

Want to talk to PAT, the personal AI sidekick for WhatsApp, Telegram & SMS? Visit HeyPAT.AI to learn more.

About PAT

PAT is your friendly AI sidekick, available directly on SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram! PAT can assist you with any questions, from recipes to travel, fitness, ideating, writing, marketing, and more, in any language. Pat provides kind, fun, and truthful responses and has access to real-time information.

Visit HeyPAT.AI to learn more.

About B20 Labs

At B20 Labs, we've been building companies for over 15 years. We enjoy leaning into emerging technology trends and navigating new waters. We build projects that we love and partner with founders and world class teams to help them bring their ideas to life. We're happiest when going from zero to one and are one of the few Venture Studios that can take an idea end-to-end; starting from a napkin sketch through to shipping a product enjoyed by millions. Our full stack team goes beyond tech and enjoys incubating new ideas supporting product vision, go-to-market strategy, marketing and revenue generation. We invest capital and sweat across our portfolio and in promising entrepreneurs with exciting ideas. 

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Explainthe term contact force and give one example


Explain the term contact force and give one

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Explain the term contact force and give one example

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